Date Your Spouse: Dating Ideas to Support your Spouse’s Love Language

date your spouse

Is there no “fire” in your love life?

Are you missing a close connection with your mate?

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Have you been missing the fun in your marriage?

Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, is amazing for married couples. It outlines the different ways people can feel loved. The fuller the love tank, the more satisfied and dedicated to the marriage the spouse becomes. When the love tank is empty, it can cause a spouse to feel alone in the marriage and withdraw.

The difficult part after understanding your spouse’s primary and secondary love language is figuring out how to fill their love tank when their love language isn’t yours. Because it won’t come naturally to you and you will have to work at it.

I know all about this because my husband didn’t get his love tank filled and therefore neither did I for years. Finally, I went on a quest to find all the ideas I possible could to put together a Date Your Spouse guide that would help those that wanted to put “The 5 Love Languages” into practice. I hope these help you too!

Another obstacle is life’s daily grind! The day-to-day chores can cause the relationship to only focus on paying bills and being the Uber driver for the kids. With the ideas in Date Your Spouse, you can easily implement practical tips in the busiest of schedules. So get started and learn the best way to fill your spouse’s love tank.

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